Ash Devani, Founder and CEO of was born and raised in North London. He enjoyed a successful city career spanning over two decades working in the some of the most high profile, multi billion dollar organisations in the world. 

In 2018, the birth of his daughter, presented new direction and inspiration.  His wife, a busy NHS doctor was part way through her Doctorate of Medicine and his ageing parents were becoming more reliant on him. Juggling life had gone from being enjoyable to one that had become increasingly a challenge and he now craved the flexibility that most of us yearn.

Ash knew that he was destined to fulfil a more rewarding role helping others but ageing parents and a new born baby became severe time impediments. A fortunate turn of events in 2019 presented an unexpected opportunity and in 2020 he set up his social Enterprise,

Whilst we are all living longer the number of happy, healthy years is not increasing at the same rate.  Ash has made it's mission to change that.

The Covid-19 pandemic, as horrendous as it has been, has helped to highlight a number of key issues that impact us all irrespective of money, creed or colour. 

  1. We must focus on and protect older members of society

  2. Good health is without a shadow of doubt more valuable than the money we have

  3. Good nutrition and regular exercise need to be central to ageing well

  4. Loneliness and isolation are becoming increasingly prevalent within society

  5. Governments must budget significantly greater amounts to ensure we all age well